Edwardian Cotton Day Dress
Edwardian Cotton Day Dress

Edwardian Cotton Day Dress

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This dress would have been worn in the garden at home or around the house. It is a fairly simple dress, and probably belonged to a young lady judging by the size. Traditionally, one would wear a few layers of cotton undergarments underneath such as pantaloons, slips, and an underskirt as well as a corset and corset cover. Today, unless you are doing historical re-enactment or like to dress in the period, it is easy to wear with a plain slip underneath for a bohemian style. Dress it up with a cute belt and sandals.

Era: Edwardian
Collection: Dresses
Style: Bohemian
Size: Extra Small
Measurements: Bust 24" Waist 25" Hip 42" Length 45"
- Has been mended in various places but is not noticeable
- This dress is in excellent condition for being over 100 years old
- The white is quite crisp and the lace is in good shape.