Local patio pick up will not be available Friday August 21 to Tuesday September 1st. All orders placed between Thursday August 21st and Tuesday September 1st will be available for pick up Friday September 4th.

Shop Philosophy

Vintage Lifestyle and Design.

We are passionate about helping you find your love for vintage whether it be through clothing or in your home. Our focus is to bring more vintage into your life in a way that seamlessly fits with everything modern and in between. We want the vintage item in your closet to become part of your everyday and we want you to feel comfortable adding vintage decor, housewares, and furniture into your modern space. We work hard on finding accessible vintage items and modern items that complement vintage. Then we focus on providing exemplary customer service and visual inspiration to give our customers a unique experience. Finally, we do our best to have a wide range of prices, sizes, and styles to suit every budget, body, and vision to help show that everyone can live the vintage life!

The Shop Team

Shop Logistics Manager and Stylist

Emily Gellert

Emily has worked in the shop since the Fall of 2019. She is currently managing the shop products and helping our team transition to online sales. She has a background in Art History, years of experience as a manager for a major clothing retailer, and is currently developing her skills as an interior designer.

Stylist and Mini Blogger

Lindsay Gillespie

Lindsay has been with the shop since before the shop was a shop. She has played various roles in helping us get where we are today and lately that role has been styling vintage clothing and creating mini instagram blogs for you to get inspired.

Vintage Home and Visual Style

Liane Eng

Liane started WISEMAN + CROMWELL in 2015 and is well known in the vintage community and beyond for creating beautiful spaces with vintage pieces for you to shop from. While she has worn all the hats of the business, her current role is doing what she does best - creating visuals to inspire you to bring all of the vintage pieces home.

Vintage Clothing and Stylist

Sara Danbrook

Sara comes from a family of professional antique dealers. Vintage clothing became her passion early in life while playing dress-up in her mom's flowing 1970s sundresses. Dreaming of daisy fields and ruffled dresses, Sara eventually founded Lilynymph Vintage in 2005 and has since sold her clothing at many local shows and at the Toronto Antique and Vintage Market. Sara brings years of experience, fashion expertise, a fun sense of style and clothes for all shapes, sizes and eras.