We believe the beautiful objects and furnishings we choose to surround ourselves with have a profound impact on our lives. We are proud to collaborate with Parlour to offer you a fresh way to select furniture for your home or next event. What does this mean?

Shop for your Home @ Parlour
We have curated a collection of vintage and new pieces to style the beautiful event space at Parlour. For our first collection, you will find classic mid-century modern looks mixed with new furnishings to bring you a modernist, lived-in, comfortable look.

Our collections will be displayed for a 6-8 week “showcasing period”. Once the showcasing period concludes we will refresh the space with new pieces. Our current showcase will end on September 30th, 2020.

How to Shop?
Stop by Parlour during their operating hours to see our pieces and try them out for comfort and scale. Then, shop online via our web shop using the QR coded tags on the pieces or by browsing the Parlour Collection online at home. The Parlour Curated Collection (both vintage and new items) can be picked up or delivered to you at the end of the “showcase period”. The Parlour House Collection (new items) have a range of delivery times with "Quick Ship" and "Long-Haul" items shipped to your door in 3 – 5 weeks, or 8 – 10 weeks respectively.


Style your next event with us @ Parlour
We are excited to collaborate with Parlour to ensure your next event is styled perfectly. Access our new and one of a kind vintage pieces to create a completely unique look and feel at your event. Rent our styled spaces as they are or browse our collection of rentable pieces (coming soon!) to create the style you are looking to achieve. More details will follow in September.

Parlour is located at 1319 Wellington St. W. Ottawa, ON K1Y 3B6. Please visit their website for operating hours at www.parlourxdish.ca.


Can I take the items I’ve purchased home with me today?

A. The short answer is no. All the items have been carefully selected to work together and showcase this beautiful space. Curated items are available for pick up or delivery at the end of each showcase period. House items are delivered directly to your home. See product for detailed ship times.

What forms of payment do you take?

A. We only accept credit cards at this time.

Do you deliver outside of Ottawa?

A. Yes. E-mail us info@wisemanandcromwell.com with your location and we will get you a quote for delivery.

Can you come style my space?

A. Yes. For design or decorating services, please go to our website: www.wisemanandcromwell.com

I want to speak to someone about purchasing an item.

A. Click on the chat box in the lower right corner. If we are available, we’ll reply right away. If not, we’ll reply by e-mail as soon as possible.