Design Philosophy


Our expertise in sourcing vintage items - whether they are architectural features, hardware, or furniture is how we got started in the design business. Vintage pieces add balance to our modernist design tendencies by adding texture and softening hard lines. The qualities of vintage items help to make your space feel lived-in and comfortable. While our approach doesn’t necessarily mean that we use old pieces in every project, when we approach our designs we give value to the environmental benefits of renewing and reusing materials rather than building from new.

Functional Design.

Where spaces require efficiency and smart planning - our passion for functionality and form lead the way. We are driven to improve the flow and functionality of your space so that it works best for you. We care about how you will use the space we are designing for you and consider how spaces impact your daily life.

When finding balance in our passions, we do our best to stay true to the era of the homes we work in while balancing modern family life and today’s requirements for a functional home.

Our Work

For a closer look at some of our design projects check out our full portfolio.