Our design philosophy


Our expertise in sourcing vintage items - whether they are architectural features, hardware, or furniture is how we got started in the design business. Vintage pieces add balance to our modernist design tendencies by adding texture and softening hard lines. The qualities of vintage items help to make your space feel lived-in and comfortable. While our approach doesn’t necessarily mean that we use old pieces in every project, when we approach our designs we give value to the environmental benefits of renewing and reusing materials rather than building from new.

Functional Design.

Where spaces require efficiency and smart planning - our passion for functionality and form lead the way. We are driven to improve the flow and functionality of your space so that it works best for you. We care about how you will use the space we are designing for you and consider how spaces impact your daily life. 

When finding balance in our passions, we do our best to stay true to the era of the homes we work in while balancing modern family life and today’s requirements for a functional home. 

Our design services

Full Service Design (billed by the project)

Whether you are doing a full gut renovation or redecorating, this service is the best option for those wanting WISEMAN + CROMWELL to take care of all the aspects of your project. We start with a phone call or meeting at our shop to get a sense of your project. We will then visit your home and give you an estimate for our services. We then help you plan your project by working with you on your budget and scope of work. When your home is ready, we install all the furniture and decor for you to ensure everything comes together as planned. Think of this as the white glove service of interior design/decor.

Design Planning (billed by the project from $400 per room)

This option is great for someone who wants to do most of the heavy lifting, but would like some advice from an experienced designer to get the ball rolling. We can do things like help you prioritize your budget, provide layout plans and style boards with ideas and sources. Ideally, you should be contacting us at least two months prior to any major renovation start date. 

Design Consultation (billed hourly)

We do this work for people who generally know where they are going with their project but need some specific advice. We can help with things like materials selections such as tiles or lighting, colour palettes, furniture sourcing, and specific advice on layout planning. We can also help you make decisions at the design centre if you are having a new home built or provide advice on diy projects like IKEA kitchen planning. 

For our hourly rates please contact 


Photograph by Rosielle & Co