Stoneware Crock Jug

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Commonly referred to as American Stoneware, this style of pottery was produced most notably in New York in the 1900's. These pieces were often glazed using a technique called salt-glazing, which was a process of throwing salt in the kiln during the highest temperature peak. This would provide a glossy, translucent, orange-peel like texture. Creators could also include different oxides to give the glaze a brown, blue or purple colour. This jug was made using the Albany Slip style of glazing. The piece would be dipped in a mixture of clay from a specific area of the Upper Hudson Region of New York. Once fired at a high temperature, it would produce a dark brown glaze. This was also often done on the inside of pieces that had been salt-glazed on the exterior. 
Date: 1900s
Style: Organic
Dimensions: 12"x8"
Vessel volume:  oz
- Two tone stoneware jug
- Shoulder jug/ moonshine jug
- Small stain on side
- Two small chips on side, most likely bubbles in clay burst during firing 
- A few chips in bottom edge and one on top rim

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