Jungalow set up

This space was created in collaboration with designer Tania Kratt who came to me looking for some unique pieces to use for the annual Riverkeeper Gala; a fundraising event for Ottawa Riverkeepers. I said, "jungalow", she said, "macrame pendant lamp", and we knew it was a great match! The rug, backdrop, and lamp on the right were provided by Tania Kratt, the rest of the pieces were provided by WISEMAN + CROMWELL. The feature piece of this set up is the vintage green velvet sofa which was found just before Tania and I met to plan for this event. It was definitely given the showcase it deserves and will be the highlight of its future owners living space. Pair with MCM, art deco, or classic traditional pieces, this one fits every bill. 

Photo by  Tania Kratt  via Instagram

Photo by Tania Kratt via Instagram

Since the shop has been under renovations for the upcoming opening, all of our stock is in storage. Here are some shots of the sofa at the storage unit (hmmm, it seems to work with the industrial look as well!). For more information about the sofa or to purchase online click here or on any of the photos.